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December 1, 2005
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Spectrumn of Autumn Wallpaper by thetangyzip Spectrumn of Autumn Wallpaper by thetangyzip
A photo I took last month that I rather liked. I used it as my wallpaper for a few weeks and I really liked it, so I figured I would submit it as such. The original photo is located in my photography account (*the-great-weegee) for comments on the composition and artistic elements.

Please try out this desktop background and let me know what you think!

*Yes, I am aware there is no 'n' in "spectrum."*
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wow, it's a rainbow! reminds me of another outdoor artist... oooh his name escapes me at the moment but he has a couple installations at storm king. he's done a few different temporary sculptures with colored leaves, autumn is such a beautiful season! good concept, well placed shadowing and well organized composition! =D
Andy Goldsworthy.

Actually, I get that a lot. I had never heard of the guy when I did this photo, it just came to me. And since his name has been like a plague every time someone sees this image. His work is really incredible. If you have a few dollars to spare, I would highly suggest picking up one of his books (PASSAGE is my favorite). Amazing work.
Quaddles-Roost Oct 30, 2006  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Gorgeous composition, Exquisite colours and fantastic form.
Adds to my :+fav: :highfive:
this is such a great idea! i love it, very nicely done
shouldnt this be in photography or somethin? its not really a wallpaper res... but a :+fav: nonetheless
It is submitted in photography on my other account... there's a link in the description. Also, 2048x1536 is a Windows resolution.

Thanks for the comment and the :+fav:, much appreciated!
PeteyWaz Dec 1, 2005  Professional Digital Artist
Now, i have to give kudos, this is an extremely successful piece because of the subject matter, ive never seen an idea of a full spectrum done out of leaves!

What a great concept! anyhow, i think that the background even pushes that even further, the texture adds a great contrast that keep the user interested... fantastic piece, i dunno if at all possible, i think it would be cool to see the full spectrum, granted you wouldnt be able do it entirely out of maple leaves, but ive seen leaves that have purple and even blue.... hard to find but if you could That would just be amazing.....
wow awsome i love the composition and the colours. truely amazing
it looks great as a wallpaper !! ;)
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